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Saving Youth

Through Serving Youth

Who We Are

Saints House is a transitional housing program administered through Propelling Into Triumph Inc a non profit organization dedicated to providing resources to young adults aging out of foster care. While residing in the home youth receive individualized mentoring and coaching alongside weekly skill-building workshops, guidance for career and life roadmaps, and access to community resources; affording youth a greater chance at economic stability and a successful adulthood. 


With this wide approach to our work, we hope to support the youth in our community who are currently facing hardship. While learning about their needs to change systems that create an environment where they can thrive as adults; breaking cycles of trauma.

Happy Family


Saints House serves youth 18-23 who have aged out of the foster care system.


To help equip youth with a toolkit of resources. This toolkit will help transition them into the world, to step into their purpose. 


To create a safe space for vulnerable youth and provide support that leads them to success.

Meet Our Founder

Shavon Saint Preux was born in Nassau, Bahamas. At the age of seven, Shavon and her family migrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life. Once she and her family made it to the U.S, things got worse before they got better. Though her trials and tribulations consisted of losing both of her parents, entering foster care, and becoming a teenage mom; Shavon overcame all obstacles and statistics that said she would fail. Shavon graduated from Florida International University and obtained a Masters's degree there. Shavon serves as the Founder and Director of Propelling Into Triumph providing transitional housing, mentoring and resources to youth who have been impacted by the foster care system. Shavon's goal is to be a change maker helping improve the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Shavon Saint Preux, MSM.



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